Eco Friendly Double Layer Anti Slip Non-Slip Waterproof Fitness Home Exercise Pilates Logo Thick Safe TPE Yoga Mat With Strap

Short Description:

  • Brand Name: deding
  • Model Number: A0053-TPE-Double Layer
  • Type: yoga mat, Yoga Equipment
  • Length: 183cm
  • Material: TPE
  • Size: 183*61*0.6CM
  • Thickness: 6-8mm
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     Cleaning method
    Please use a wet towel or hot towel to wipe the yoga mat, and then use a dry towel to dry it.
    Do not use laundry detergent or water to rinse directly. The remaining liquid may reduce the friction on the surface of the yoga
    mat, and it is easy to slip during exercise. It is forbidden to use hard or sharp objects to scrub the yoga mat.
    After use, please put it in a cool place to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or high
    temperature. Long-term high temperature may crack the yoga mat and shorten the product life.
    Do not get close to tapes or sticky objects. Their adhesive force can easily damage the
    surface material of the yoga mat and shorten the product life.
    item value
    Model Number A0053
    Type yoga mat
    Size 183cm*61cm  thickness:6-8mm
    Material TPE
    Color picture

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